2020 Equipment Services Division Awards

What a year 2020 has been.  With Covid-19 completely changing our everyday routines our Public Works departments had to continue going on.  To that I say THANK YOU to all! The cancellations of activities and events affected the fleet tour, manufacture tour and our APWA-NC Equipment Services and Street Divisions conference.  With the use of virtual meetings, the Equipment Services board met several times throughout the year to discuss different matters.  Many things had to be cancelled but the board felt it was important to continue the tradition of presenting these awards.  There were several nominations that were submitted and unique in their own way. When the board members met there was much enthusiasm and excitement to pick the winner for each award representing the professionals from North Carolina Public Works.  

Fleet Manager of the Year, Travis Brown, City of Raleigh

Mr. Brown has dedicated this career to fleet management, starting in the US Army.  He was a Chief Warrant Officer 4 where he managed the fleet until his retirement and for the past eighteen years has been dedicated in pursuing innovative concepts for the City of Raleigh specifically, for the Vehicle Fleet Services division he manages.  Mr. Brown has also made it a key priority to meet and guide staff at all levels as they climb the career ladder. His open-door policy and talks at the toolbox are examples of his dedication to staff development.  Mr. Brown will be retiring from the City of Raleigh in December of 2020.  Mr. Brown served many roles on the APWA-NC Equipment Services Division and served as President for the Division in 2016. He will be remembered by those that knew him through APWA as a true “Fleet Professional” while leading with a patient, passionate and easygoing style.  We congratulate Mr. Brown as our 2020 APWA-NC Equipment Services Division’s Fleet Manager of the Year!

Fleet Technician of the Year Brandon Teague, City of Greensboro

Brandon came to the City of Greensboro in January of 2013 as a nightshift technician.  A few comments below shared from team Greensboro represents Brandon’s recognition: “Brandon excels in everything he does, from general maintenance to the most complex systems but what separates Brandon from most technicians is his ability to weld, fabricate and he’s a pretty good carpenter also. Brandon is a pleasure to work with because of his energetic work ethic day in and day out.”  We congratulate Mr. Teague as our 2020 APWA-NC Equipment Services Division’s Fleet Technician of the Year!  

Equipment Services Division Fleet Scholarship, Thomas Lawrence Battistel, City of Raleigh 

Thomas Battistel is employed by the City of Raleigh and has completed his ASE master certification. Mr. Battistel has also completed other fleet training courses and certifications. He is currently aspiring to grow and expand his knowledge and experience into Accounting & Finance. We congratulate Mr. Battistel as our 2020 APWA-NC Equipment Services Division’s Fleet Scholarship recipient! 


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